... these features make our floodlights truly masterful Meister products – whether flexibly mounted to the rescue vehicle, sitting on a tripod or in stationary use: they bring light into the darkness in a matter of seconds. A recent and pioneering innovation underlines Meister’s professional prowess once again: following several years of development, we’ve combined LED high-power technology with universal input voltage (passenger cars: 12 V DC, trucks: 24 V DC). The result? LED high-performance floodlights with unrivalled brightness for alternating and direct current – combined with masterful Meister economy that will make you beam with delight.

In action


... just plug’em in and instantly get full luminous power – because the charging sockets onboard the vehicles serve as the power source thanks to our purpose-developed electronics. 

Our floodlights truly shine in other respects as well: their closed housings protect them against mechanical impact even when dropped, and dirt has no chance of intruding either. Total tightness, customisation to suit special needs, ease of use and integrated heat protection are other key details. As a result, our floodlights offer clever high-power technology combined with impressive energy efficiency – to make their carbon footprint reflect a bright light too.